From small New Zealand town beginnings Al, James, and Mike of Groeni all met and began their journey making music as Groeni in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington. Originally starting as Alexander Green’s solo project Groeni (now a 3 piece) is quickly going from strength to strength and has now seen the release of three musical offerings.

Self Titled EP (2012)

Hewn (2015)

Hinde (2015)

Hewn, which was released in February 2015 with acclaimed German label Project Mooncircle gathered large-scale interest across the globe and was an excellent arrival onto the electronic music scene for Groeni. The first single from Hewn entitled Fray premiered with electronic music giant

Praise and radio play for Hewn came from exciting places for Groeni, places such as BBC3, KCRW, and influential music blog The 405. "...soulful folk vocals, skipping future garage rhythms,woozy post - dubstep textures and drone art flourishes..." – Martyn Pepperell (The 405)

In October 2015 Groeni released their most current EP Hinde, which is the first offering of compositions written as a three-piece. Hinde has quickly proved a worthy predecessor of Hewn and across its four tracks starts to explore a dancier world of electronic music. Two singles Hedre and Hinde were again released with’s Future Garage (Certified) offshoot and the new EP has already gained much attention. New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times writer Mike Alexander has coined Al of Groeni as a “creative genius”, and the group has received much accolade for the recent material earning top- 10 radio play across a number of New Zealand’s radiostations and most recently high commendations from influential music blog Indie Shuffle.

My favorite track from the EP, "Hedre," is an atmospheric offering littered with layered ambience, club style beats, and plaintive vocal melodies from Green that will transport you into a hallucinogenic state of musical euphoria...” Donna Arendse (Indie Shuffle)

Groeni are proving that they have a lot to offer and only have intentions of becoming stronger and more refined in their songwriting and performance, a full-length album is next on the agenda for these three boys and it promises to deliver.