Bio:  Apart, Grant Gronewold and Oscar Slorach-Thorn have always courted critical acclaim. As Cougar Flashy and HTML Flowers, Gronewold struck audiences with his incisive rapping and vibrant art, while Slorach-Thorn as Oscar Key Sung has been repeatedly hailed as a groundbreaking electronic producer and singer. Together, their history is doubly rich. High school rivals turned co-admirers, when Gronewold and Slorach-Thorn have come together in the past, the electricity has been palpable.

Previously as Brothers Hand Mirror, they became a lightning rod in the scene, pushing for inclusive spaces and compassionate experiences. Live dancers, their irrepressible energy, and this mentality of openness and liberation meant their shows were quickly renowned and highly anticipated. Scoring universally positive reviews for their EPs and talked-about festival slots, Gronewold and Slorach-Thorn proved to be natural collaborators.

Now the duo are back with a new name and new purpose. “Me and Oscar always stayed close after we moved on from Brothers Hand Mirror. It's our friendship that fuels all of this. After a few years of coming to know ourselves and growing as writers and producers, at one point we just sort of informally started recording together again. We didn't think it out or anything – it just kind of happened,” Gronewold says.

 Both feeling pent up with their solo work, the two were liberated working together again. It shows on their debut record:Gronewold’s lyrics clap like thunder, threatening danger and destruction, while Oscar’s seductive crooning cuts through the tempest like calm in the eye of the storm. They complement each other perfectly and that duality lets them get at emotional nuances neither could reach alone – something so elusive and tricky it could only be felt.

A sense of that high school rivalry still lingers. It’s in the way they push each other to make a better beat, write a sharper line, go harder at every single show. But it always comes back to their shared sensitivity. “I never stress when I get on stage with Oscar,” Gronewold says, “‘cos I know he’ll always be there for me even if the crowd hates us and we fuck the set up. We’ll always be there for each other.” This is a duo who find affirmation in anger, finds strength in owning one’s pain, makes a party out of collective anxiety. Lossless is Gronewold and Slorach-Thorn at their most potent.