HTMLflowers is the moniker of 29 year old, disabled artist Grant Gronewold. Since he dropped out of high school in 2006 to tour Australia selling handmade burnt cds & play poorly attended basement shows, HTMLflowers has been prolific in the Australian DIY arts community.

A decade on, Flowers has independently released music under a number of pseudonyms, shown in galleries around the world, released countless zines & comics to his dedicated following, done hundreds of home-done tattoos & most recently begun decorating ceramics with his morbidly funny characters. 

In 2010, alternative hip-hop duo LOSSLESS was formed with longtime collaborator and close friend Oscar Key Sung. Together, Key Sung and HTMLflowers bring their ecstatic brand of hip hop to Melbourne's club scene. November 2016 saw the release of their self titled album as well as a slew of notoriously hilarious & unprofessional live sets. Over the years the pair have shared stages with Le1f, Cakes Da Killa, Ghost Poet & Big Freedia.

As a comic artist, HTMLflowers has paid his dues in the world of self-publishing as well as working with publishing labels. Primarily using the comics medium to explore living w/ a life threatening illness, Cystic Fibrosis. His series No Visitors has sold over 1000 copies independently online and at comic fairs across three different countries, as well as being published on Vice USA. Comics shorts aside from No Visitors have been in the printed mag The Lifted Brow & The UK's It's Nice That. As well as writing w/ Simon Hanselmann to shape the New York Times Bestselling series Megg & Mogg, Flowers stays in a obsessive state of productivity releasing short run drawing zines, badge collections, t-shirts & limited edition prints.